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Geotherapy holds a place of honor in the learning center. This book aided us in our processes from the beginning and helped to clarify our goals. It elaborated, in excellent detail, what Rock Powder is capable of doing. Some highlights: Restoration of fallow land, all-natural fertilizer replacement, carbon sequestering, pest control, and strengthening the plant immune system to name but a few. This 500+ page textbook gives facts, figures, and case studies all relating to Rock Powder and how it has the potential to change the world’s food supply for the better. Geotherapy is a collection of some of the best evidence in the case of worldwide rock powder use.

Read some excerpts from Geotherapy below.

Geotherapy Excerpts

Rock Dust & Banana Growers — Geotherapy Pg. 86
“In Australia, banana growers Kevin and Gary Harding did trials with rock dust from Pin Gin Hill quarry in 1985.  Using experience gained from those trials, they radically altered their fertilizer application, and in August 1990 planted out a 4 ha block using the product MinPlus rock dust as the main fertilizer.”

The section above goes on to explain how this significantly changed their cost structure as well as their soil health.  Of course, banana tree health increased leading to a higher crop yield (25%), but they also grew 20% faster.  This lead to a quicker turn around, and an increased number of harvests, resulting in an 80% increase in production.  It also decreased their fertilizer costs by lowering the need for Potash and Urea, also by 80%.

That same story can be found here: https://remineralize.org/2007/12/bananas-cost-benefit-analysis-for-minplus-volcanic-basalt-rock-dust/

Rock Dust & Insects — Geotherapy Pgs. 91-92

“Rock dust is capable of destroying and disabling insects to an extent that can limit their population and reduce crop damage.  It does not obliterate insect life in a way that produces ecological imbalances nor does it rapidly breed resistant pests.”

Pesticides come under fire time and time again, but what other choice does humanity have at this time?  This excerpt explores the application of rock dust as that alternative.  Rock Dust has the ability to disrupt the natural cycle of these pests.  In fine enough particle sizes it gets into the exoskeletons and acts as a abrasive.  It also disrupts the systems they use to maintain moisture by absorbing the waxy layer that keeps them from dehydrating.  Since this process is mechanical in nature (by physically getting in the bugs nooks and crannies) it is extremely difficult to adapt to over time and can even kill pesticide resistant insects.

Rock Dust & Microorganisms — Geotherapy Pg. 198

“Agriculture has just begun to assess this living biomass as critical to sustainable soil fertility and able to convert currently infertile land into productive soil. The new twenty-first century agriculture studies this soil biology, applies probiotic methods, mimics microbial interactions, and harnesses their symbiotic functions to grow stronger, healthier crops.”

This section discusses the microbial community as a part of crop health and strength.  It goes into the relationship between microorganisms of all kinds and their effects on the soil around them.  These organisms do much to break down the organic matter, and minerals, in soils making them available for our crops.  It makes the bold claim the even infertile land can be made useful should this be taken into account.

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