ShoEi Foods Field Trial

Olivehurst, CA

ShoEi Foods is conducting a 25 year Field Trial following UC Davis Field Trial protocol. The Field Trial is being done on an 88 acre plot of land with half being fertilized with commercial chemicals and the other half using BioRoc; Field 5 and 5b respectively.

To date, the Field 5b using the BioRoc is responding beautifully and has grown equal to or better than the chemically fertilizer trees in Field 5.

  • Date: 2020 – 2022
  • Crop: Almonds
  • Project Type: Field Trial

About The Trial

The Field Trial is being conducted over a 25 year time period. Regular Leaf Tissue Samples are being taken to compare the nutrient levels of the two fields. Water consumption is being monitored to determine the level of water savings that is possible with BioRoc. The independent lab data is shown in the Leaf Tissue Sample Data, which shows that the BioRoc orchard has the same level of nutrients, including Nitrogen, as the chemically grown trees. Considering that BioRoc is a one time application in the Fall, the labor costs are an excellent savings, as well as the reduction in water consumption. Added to the savings, an additional increase in revenue is achieved from the increase in yield.

PNTI Row Example

Chemical Row Example

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