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ShoEi Foods USA Field Trial — Olivehurst, CA

ShoEi Foods is conducting a 25 year Field Trial following UC Davis Field Trial protocol. The Field Trial is being done on an 88 acre plot of land with half being fertilized with commercial
chemicals and the other half using BioRoc; Field 5 and 5b respectively.

To date, the Field 5b using the BioRoc is responding beautifully and has grown equal to or better than
the chemically fertilizer trees in Field 5.

Industrial Hemp — Alberta, Canada

InnoTech Alberta conducted a one-acre pilot field trial in Alberta Canada focused on testing the effectiveness of PoweRoc, BioRoc, and Hemp Blend as a sole source of nutrients in production of a fiber usage type hemp variety known as Joey. Among all tested performance parameters of industrial hemp grown in the field our product appeared to have the biggest impact on grain yield. The Hemp Blend amended field produced 72% more seeds than the control field.

Almond Orchard — Stevinson, California

Our first large scale experiment is on an almond orchard. This almond orchard had been slated for its final season in 2016. At the end of its lifespan, and suffering from drought conditions, production has been low. At the request of the owner we applied our product at the rate of 2 tons per acre.

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