100% Natural Fertilizer For Your Garden and Our World

Grow Beautiful Plants While Helping Protect Our Planet

Residential Fertilizer Solutions

Our revolutionary fertilizer solutions provide your garden with the nutrients it needs while replenishing your soil for an abundant yield for years to come. When using this product on your garden or lawn you remove 75 pounds of CO2 per square foot every month.

One of our main goals is to help the gardeners reduce the input of synthetic fertilizer to the soil — or to eliminate it. Our process results in three main components that are used in naturally recharging the soil:

How To Use BioRock In Your Garden

Step 1.

Blend a 5LB bag with two wheelbarrow loads of garden or yard soil.

Step 2.

Add kitchen scraps such as coffee grounds and food waste.

Step 3.

Wet down well and let sit for 48 hours.

Step 4.

Lightly spread the blended soil on your garden, shrubs, and flowers.


Use a tablespoon full of BioRoc straight from the bag on your house plants

Sprinkle straight BioRoc on your lawn

No need for chemical furtilizers!

A Brighter Future For Our Farms & Our Planet

A Better Yield

Sustainable food production requires that farmlands be regenerated with a source of Primal Nutrients. These nutrients go beyond the standard NPK thinking and processes. They come from the bedrock of the planet and represent the origin of Primal Nutrients that are what the forests live on and what is needed in farmlands to complete the Nutrient Cycle. They regenerate the soil and feed the microbial community that has gone dormant with the use of synthetic fertilizers.

Using naturally occurring micro and macro Primal Nutrients is the answer to food production for now and the foreseeable future. They will be what feeds the growing populations of Earth

A Better Planet

Our process was developed over many years of research. Working with nature is the most successful way to create sustainable farming products and practices. We were successful in this. Many of the raw materials we use are by-products that are normally considered waste such as mine tailings, biomass, and wood ash.

Our products emulate the normal cycle of decaying plant and animal substances so that the topsoil becomes naturally nutrient-rich again. Working with nature is the most successful action and extremely sustainable.

Natural Fertilizer Products


BioRoc Lab Report

This product is a blend of several different nutritious mineral-rich Rock Powders and green waste. This is converted into a nutrient-rich plant, vegetable, and tree food. It is 100% natural with no added ingredients. It should be mixed into your garden in the fall then in the early Spring, two weeks before planting, then mixed into your soil several times throughout the growing season. Nutrients are guaranteed immediately available to help grow vigorous, robust plants and trees.

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