Sustainable Agriculture

Earth Regeneration Technology
Mother Nature has long had a successful system for the recycling and regeneration of life forms. A better understanding of this system goes a long way towards improving our agricultural methods. The natural recycling system includes the decomposing of organic matter into more basic forms and minerals. As these nutrients are used up in the farming cycle they must be replaced to maintain the health of the soil. By copying nature we can most effectively create a sustainable agricultural system.

Natural Plant Growth

There is a complex microbial community associated with plant root systems that is crucial for plant health. Tens of thousands of species of microbes contribute to the growth and health of every plant. This natural system even has a complex self-defense system that recruits microbes to fight off attacking bacteria. There is still much to learn about this complex system used by the plant for its survival.

​Obviously, healthy soil goes far towards aiding this system to be most effective.

Duplicating Nature’s Recipe

Unwittingly the miners of the gold and silver mining eras provided us with millions of tons of the raw material necessary to produce the needed Primal Nutrients for today’s food production. Empire Green Commodities Inc. uses this material as part of the ingredients in duplicating Nature’s recycling system. The elements in a particular body of mine waste are made available to the plant by the actions of naturally occurring bacteria. Other natural elements such as bio-mass and wood ash are included. This mixture is processed into a complete soil bio-mineralizing and regenerative fertilizer.

Nutrient Rich Products

By feeding the soil we feed the microbial community that inhabits the soil which feeds the plants. These microbes provide better nutrition to the plants than anything humans can produce in a chemical plant. We are completing the Nutrient Cycle.


Lab results show that this material provides the needed micro and macro nutrients to feed the microbial community which then provides all the needed nutrients to the plants for optimum growth and production. Just add water. Not only is the produce of the highest quality it also carries the Primal Nutrients to the consumers.

See Our Products In Action

Our first large scale experiment is on an almond orchard.  This almond orchard had been slated for its final season in 2016.  At the end of its lifespan and suffering from drought conditions production has been low. See what our Bio-Mineral Soil Reconditioning Products were able to do for this Orchard

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