Bio-Mineral Soil Reconditioning Products for Sustainable Farming

The next generation of technology for growing healthy, disease free and pest resistant plants is here now!

What We Do

Empire Green Commodities Inc. is dedicated to using the latest knowledge of how nature’s cycle of life works. We use this information to support that cycle for the benefit of the farmer, the crop, the land, and the consumer. We supply all natural, micro-nutrient products as a replacement for synthetic fertilizers. Agriculture is a very ancient technology and has come a long way from just crop rotation and letting the land lay fallow.

Our goal is to increase your yield while also reducing your carbon footprint. EGCI products replace synthetic fertilizers with all-natural, micronutrient-rich mixtures. EGCI products also supply farmers with a much needed source of nutrient rich 100% natural fertilizer. Welcome to farming in the 21st century.

See Our Products In Action

Our first large scale experiment is on an almond orchard.  This almond orchard had been slated for its final season in 2016.  At the end of its lifespan and suffering from drought conditions production has been low. See what our Bio-Mineral Soil Reconditioning Products were able to do for this Orchard

While spraying broad-spectrum biocides on fields may take care of agricultural pests over the short run, the pests return with a vengeance in the long run.  We have become addicted to solutions with limited staying power.  However, these are no longer the solution for sustained plant growth.

– Andrew Harley, PhD, Ascension Soil Company LLC

How We Do It

Our process was developed over many years of research. We wanted a process that was non-toxic, sustainable and would help clean up the environment. We were successful in this. Many of the raw materials we use are by-products that are normally considered waste such as mine tailings, biomass, and wood ash.

Our products emulate the normal cycle of decaying plant and animal substances so that the topsoil becomes naturally healthy and nutrient-rich again. Working with nature is the most successful action and extremely sustainable.

The Nutrient Cycle

Why do the great forests of the world grow? The question may seem irrelevant to food production on today’s farms, but this is where the the answer to sustainable food production lies. In the forests the plants are fed by the ground using the symbiotic relationship between the microbial community within the ground and the plants. No one needs to fertilize or feed these plants because that task is being done by themselves and their microbial partners. This is the Nutrient Cycle. The primal mineral micro-nutrients are continuously recycled in the growth and decay of the forests facilitated by the trillions of micro-organisms involved in the process. The work-ability of this process is proven by the fact that it has been going on for over 10 million years.

Primal Nutrients for Sustainable Production

The feeding of populations clustered in large metropolitan areas requires the harvesting of millions of tons of produce from vast farmlands. This practice interrupts the Nutrient Cycle removing the nutrients from the farmlands to supply nutrients to the population. As this happens season after season the farmland is depleted of the primal nutrient values which then must be replaced. Over the past 60 years, these nutrients have been supplied by using synthetic fertilizers which provide the nutrients for the growth of the plants but which do not sustain the soil. Over time the soil loses its ability to grow plants on its own without the need for more synthetics. This practice is unsustainable and has caused our current condition of not being able to supply the growing population with food.

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